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Super Fill
Super Fill



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Super Fill is the latest generation high build aerosol primer filler. It is a single component product available in either Grey or Black. It has a high solids content which gives excellent coat depth, and strong adhesion to all surfaces.  

Super Fill is extremely flexible and fast drying. It resists panel wipe. It is compatible with all leading paint types and requires no mixing. It fills fast, saves time, and aids base coverage.

Super Fill is based on proven technology and uses advanced chemical formulations to achieve its place as the professionals choice. Super Fill can cut priming times by over 50% compared to traditional products and methods.


Due to its high adhesion, Super Fill is the ideal solution to primer filling surfaces prior to painting on plastic or metal substrates. It is ideal for all repair areas such as minor accident damage, rub through when flatting, or small components such as mirror housings. Application areas for Super Fill are on almost any metal or plastic surfaces.

The list below is comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive:

Bonnet and tailgates, Wings, Quarter panels, Doors, A, B and C posts, Roofs, Bumpers, Mirror backs, & Bodymouldings.

Due to its unique properties, Super Fill is also an ideal product for smart repair applications to alloy wheels.

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