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Super-Spray Effect

Item Description Price
Brilliant Metallic Brilliant Metallic
Quick and easy to use Re-coat anytime Fast drying Reflective metallic finish Use on virtually any surface Super-Spray Brilliant Metallic gives a modern reflective metallic finish on virtually any surface... More Info>>
Item # Brilliant_Metallic
Metallic Metallic
Deep rich Metallic finish Suitable for Interior and Exterior use Super-Spray Metallic spray paint is ideal for small decorative and craft projects and is perfect for adding a special touch around the... More Info>>
Item # Metallic
Glitter Glitter
Gives a stunning glitter finish. Ideal for use on small decorative projects. For a creative glitter effect, use Super-Spray Glitter as a top coat to create a stunning finish. Suitable materials: Ceramic... More Info>>
Item # Glitter
Glass Frosting Glass Frosting
Gives a frosted finish Ideal for small Decorative projects For interior use. Super-Spray Glass Frosting gives an attractive frosted finish. Suitable for use on clear glass and plastic surfaces. Suitable... More Info>>
Item # GlassFrosting
Crackle Crackle
Gives an Antique Crackle Finish Ideal for various decorative projects Fast Drying SUPER-SPRAY Crackle Effect gives objects a fantastic antique look in minutes.  Use in Conjunction with SUPER-SPRAY... More Info>>
Item # Crackle
Stone Stone
Creates a stone-textured finish Ideal for creating designer items around the home Availiable in 5 colours SUPER-SPRAY Stone Effect is a truly exciting and easy way to create multi-coloured textured stone... More Info>>
Item # Stone
Marble Marble
Creates a marble effect finish Ideal for creating designer items around the home Available in 3 colours SUPER-SPRAY Marble Effect is a truly exciting and easy way to create multi-coloured textured marble... More Info>>
Item # Marble
Glow In The Dark Glow In The Dark
Easy to use.    Great for children's bedrooms.   Super-Spray Glow in the Dark Paint is a special paint for use on plastic, wood and metal which will glow for up to 4 to 5 hours... More Info>>
Item # GlowInTheDark
Effect Clear Lacquer Effect Clear Lacquer
For interior and exterior use Quick and easy to use. Fast drying. Preserves and protects against all weather conditions, acid, alkali and corrosion.  Drying time: Touch Dry in 20 minutes, thoroughly... More Info>>
Item # EffectClearLacquer

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