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Polymer Chain Lube
Polymer Chain Lube
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Polymer Chain Lube is a clear viscous liquid specially formulated for chain lubrication. It gives outstanding performance under extreme conditions of load and does not fling off. It also withstands pressure cleaning, prevents corrosion and extends chain and component life.
The aerosol spray deposits a film of additives and polymers, which pentrate moving parts. It can be used for all types of chains and conveyors, pins and bushes as well as on any part requiring an effective colourless lubricant. It is particularly suitable for use in clean environments or where the use of an unsightly coloured lubricant is unwelcome.

  • Excellent lubrication properties
  • Penetrates the moving parts
  • Extends chain life
  • Does not fling off
  • Resists and prevents corrosion
  • Clean in use
  • Easy to apply spray application

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